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There are 2327 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Assad Naji Alamin Hamadi in 1856. The most recent event is the birth of Mariam Mohamad Ahmad Sadeq in 2015.The webmaster of this site is Mazin Sadiq. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About Sadeq and Relatives
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This effort started in 1990 in Late Khalid Ahmad Sadiq home in Kuwait at his regular Eid celebration
gathering, and was completed by his son Mazin Khalid Sadiq at his Dubai home Eid gathering in 2007
and placed on the internet with the help of Firas Hikmat Sadiq, and sons of  Ahmed Abdullah Sadek -
Mohamad, Mazin, and Marwan

The spelling Sadeq for the web sites was chosen because no other web name Sad?? was available to
purchase. Later it was found out that the first documented English translation of the name was in
the 1939 (ID Card of Abdul Majid), where the El-Sadeq name was used.  Different ways the name is
spelled and their percentage based on 25% sample from Facebook pages is as follows:

Sadek Combinations 75%: Sadek 40%, El-Sadek 10%, El Sadek 8%, Elsadek 4%, Alsadek 6%, Al Sadek 4%و
and Al-Sadek 3%.
Sadik Combinations 10%: Sadik 9%, Al Sadik 1%
Sadeq Combinations 10%: Sadeq 7%, Al-sadeq 2%, AlSadeq 1%
Sadiq Combinations 5%: Sadiq 4%, Alsadiq 1%

The Sadek family is from دير القاسي or دير القاسى, District of Acre, Palestine.  The name is written
in English in many ways: Dayr al Qasi, Dayr al-Qassi, Deir Qasi, Deir el-Qasi, and Deir El Kasi.

We only show old pictures.  We provided the Facebook page addresses, whenever available, to get
updated public information and pictures on each person.

We apologize if your name is spelled differently.  The English translation of the Arabic original
tree took years to implement.  We had to use the first translated name for all later similar names
to make the searches easy.  The prefixes Al, El, etc were taken out.  For example, “Sadeq” with its
14 different combinations shown above would make searches cumbersome.  As we have done our share in
giving you this valuable English version of the family tree, your share if you want to change the
spelling of your name is to find how many other names it impacts.  If for example we need to change
it for 7 names, then help us add 7 new names to the family tree, and we will change the spelling of
your name the way you spell it.  Do not get mad if later somebody outbid you, as it is for the
overall good to get all included. 

Please use Guest Book Tap above to send emails with any updates, corrections, and additions.  Your
help with info on your direct relatives will ensure great family tree for all.
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